Shameful Plug

I cannot believe it’s been since THANKSGIVING that I last posted. I have neglected my blog in the worst way. For that, I am so sorry…those of you who are still out there. Lots of things have been happening though! I have been reading and Christmasing and opening my etsy store!!!! Yay! 

Alright, let’s get started…
In the past month I have read the following

Krampus••• I didn’t love it. Maybe I love Santa too much or just didn’t care for the story itself but I wasn’t a huge fan. 

The Young Elites•• I loved it. Sort of Xmenish and I love the Xmen so there’s that. Plus there’s a kick ass female lead. 

Little Women••• it ruled as always. 

The Casquette Girls••• OMG I loved this book so hard. New Orleans. Well written vampires. Witches. Did I mention New Orleans? It was perfect. 

Illuminae••• Okay here’s the deal: this book would have ruled so hard had it been written like a book that didn’t need psych meds. The format was cool but I couldn’t latch onto the story. It switched gears too many times for me to be able to connect. Sad day. 

Nimona••• guys. GUYS!!! I loved this comic book/graphic novel with all of my heart. Funny, smart, cute, sarcastic, sweet, ALL THE THINGS. 

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat••• this was an excellent book! Way out of my wheelhouse but I blame Harvard. I bought this one one at the Harvard bookstore so I was feeling all smart and stuff. This is a heartbreaking look into the world of patients of Oliver Sacks. 

Okay. Yes. That’s all I think. Currently reading Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow. So far so funny. 

Christmas was awesome! Got lots of books amd awesome gifts and enjoyed my family immensely. I missed them. 

And lastly….

I finally took that leap and opened my very first etsy shop on Sunday. *flails* It’s called Quote & Quill. I take quotes, lyrics, verses, anything, and write them in calligraphy. I use mediums such as Bristol paper, watercolor paper, book pages, maps, sheet music, and various other vintage paper products. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’m also on Instagram @quoteandquill. Be sure to share and follow and all the things.  

Anyway, thanks for not closing down my blog, WordPress. Much appreciate hahaha. I’ll try my best to keep this site current. 

Peace out homies.