The Kate Daniels Series (1-8) by Ilona Andrews

You can read the summary for Magic Bites here. (This is the first book in the series)

The following is a mega-review-gush-love-fest:

There are currently 8 books in this 10 book series AND I LOVE THEM AAAALLLLLLLLL. My friend Shandra gushed so hard about this series that I felt the flood all the way here in Florida (she’s in California). First let me say that these covers are the worst in the history of all book covers EVER. I never in a billion years would have picked them up on my own accord. Thank goodness my girl knows her books. Thank goodness I trusted her judgment enough to actually pick these up. (Also, thank goodness my Athena sent me the first two for Christmas last year. You rule.) 

This series has everything: magic, shapeshifters, vamps, mercenaries, guilds, paranormal stuffs, sexuals, necessary (and well-placed) cuss words, relationships of all kinds, hilarity for days, and all around badassery. THIS. SERIES. HAS. EVERYTHING.

Ilona Andrews is a husband and wife duo who have created something that I never want to end. Their writing style is like buttah. The world and character building is perfection. Have I mentioned the dialogue? No? Well, then let me just tell you: it’s perfection. It flows, it’s easy, it’s real. 

Normally I don’t have so much word vomit for books with covers that will make you want to vomit (I’m not even exaggerating… the covers feature a model and a lion. They’re a joke), but guys, just this once, don’t judge a book by its cover. I love these books so much. I care about these characters and often discuss them like they’re friends πŸ™ˆ

I’m a proud pusher of these books and this is me pushing them on all of you *evil smiles* You’re welcome. 

I hope y’all had a great weekend, homies! 


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