The Song of Achilles


Published Date: September 1, 2011
Publisher: Ecco
Author: Madeline Miller
Pages: 378
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mythology

You can read the summary of The Song of Achilles here. here.

I was first made aware of this book by following Victoria Schwab {author of The Archived and Vicious} on Twitter. As she tweeted her emotions, I got more and more interested. I finally caved and looked up this novel. Between the amazing ratings {I don’t read reviews, believe it or not. They tend to give too much away. The same goes with book blurbs} and the cover art, I was sold. I ordered it that day and two days later I started in on this tome.

BEST. DECISION. EVER. This was a STUNNING story of love and friendship and devotion. Every page brought you closer to the inevitable. You KNOW how this story ends, guys. We’ve all seen Troy. What Miller presents to you, though, is how the story begins. There’s a side of Achilles, this kid…this son of a goddess…this future hero, that makes him more human than myth. The story of Achilles and Patroclus {both separately and together} was one I’d never heard of but won’t soon forget.

The Song of Achilles will do a number on your heart. It will speed it up, melt it, fill it with the feels, and then break it into a zillion pieces. This novel will stay with me forever. Miller’s debut novel is authentic and passionate and beautiful. If you do anything this year, please make it reading this novel. Consider this review your warning: you’re going to be left reeling, hugging yourself while you rock back and forth as the tears flow down your cheeks. It’s worth it.

Trust me.


4 thoughts on “The Song of Achilles

    • Thank you so much!!! I try to keep my reviews/gushes short and sweet. So happy you’re motivated to read this jewel. It truly is a book you’ll never be able to shake. Just writing the review made me emotional. It’s not that I was sad, just that I remembered.

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