Published Date: September 24, 2013

Publisher: Tor Books

Author: V. E. Schwab 

Pages: 384

Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal

You can read the summary of Vicious here

I love Victoria Schwab. She’s smart, accessible, friendly, funny. All the things you’d want in a bee eff eff. She also has a dark side. A really, really, scary as f*ck dark side. And guess what? I FREAKING LOVE IT. 

Vicious was just that. Vicious. Mean. Vindictive. Brilliant. It’s the first time in my entire book career where I hated* both main characters and adored the secondary characters. Schwab weaves the believable with the unbelievable and makes you ask, “Could that really happen?” Incredulous tone optional.

*I hated them but I also loved them. I loved to hate them. 

Schwab’s character development is stunning and her writing impeccable. She leaves you bated until the very last word, smiling because you know. Is Vicious worth the read? You bet your sweet ass it is. This dark, twisted, thrilling tale of two psychos, who think the other is the most evil person in the world, will make you glad this shit is fiction. 

Buy this {or borrow from the library}.Read this. Spread the word. 

You’re welcome. 


4 thoughts on “Vicious

  1. Dang, that sounds like an awesome book. I usually don’t go for books like that, but this post made me reconsider.

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