Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Published Date: August 15, 2013
Publisher: Dial
Author: April Genevieve Tucholke
Pages: 360
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance

You can view the summary of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea here.

In the world of choosing books based on their covers, you’re bound to hit a snag. Just like in gambling, your luck is going to run out, right? Well, this book was my snag; it was my flop. I LOVED the cover: the typography caught my eye and background image was enticing. However, the spark lived and died with the cover.

I met the author at a book convention last year and thought she was so charismatic and lovely. That’s why I wanted to love this book so much. Unfortunately, I didn’t. The entire premise of this novel – quaint New England town…rich kids left alone by their artist parents in the family’s mansion…mysterious boy blows into town with a suspicious demeanor and a questionable past…dangerous happenings…etc – reminded me a lot of The Witches of Eastwick {quaint New England town…three best friends…mysterious man blows into town with a suspicious demeanor and a questionable past…dangers and witchy happenings…the devil…etc}. I couldn’t get the commonalities out of my head.

Past that, I felt the writing was very simple. I understand this is a YA novel but Young Adult doesn’t translate to “let me use small words and short sentences for these children to understand what I’m trying to say.” Though I loved Tucholke’s descriptions, simple as they might’ve been, the rest just fell flat. The characters weren’t built that well and felt super shallow. I really could go on and on but I have to remember that someone poured their heart into this book and it’s not fair for me to rip their dreams to shreds. Not like my opinion matters….at all…. but still.

I think if you’ve got this on your TBR shelf, then you should read it. Heeding my warning, perhaps you’ll be able to look past the shortcomings. Good luck!! Oh, and this is a trilogy… a trilogy I will not be completing.

Happy reading!


12 thoughts on “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

  1. Wow you write great. I wonder if anyone’s ever told you you should write a book! 😘 would you want to have a dinner and a movie date maybe tonight?

  2. No trilogy. Just a duology. I really like your review, though, because I loved this book, but I was very close to disliking it just as much as you do for all the reasons you mentioned and more. Somehow, I ended up on the other side of those feelings.

    • Ohhh I for sure thought this would be a trilogy 😁 oops haha. I wish I liked this one and I’m glad to hear you did!! I felt like such a douche disliking this one as hard as I did. At part did your feelings change? If you don’t mind me asking 🙂

      • If I remember correctly, it was when Violet started thinking that she wasn’t all that good, after all. It gave me a real notion of a young person accepting that good people can do evil things and evil people can do good things. I recall the scene where she’s walking in the cemetery at night and all these kids are following her really well and thinking, “God, this is boring.” But then River confessed and that’s when I think I started liking it more.

        Because, at least to me, River wasn’t the usual “bad boy” that the “good girl” falls for – she is equally engrossed and disturbed by his behavior in a very distinct way that becomes further unbalanced in the second book (which I liked a lot, as well).

        Overall, though, what stuck with me was the atmosphere – and Brody and Texas and the blood.

  3. Great review! The cover and the text really are captivating. I’ll probably consider reading it, I just have so many books I want to read first it might be a the bottom of the list for awhile. Love your writing by the way!

    • Thank you so very much!!! I think my writing is completely casual and therefore inadequate for the reviewing platform but thank you!!! And it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. There’s a friend who commented, whose opinion I value, and they loved it! So, I think people fall hard on either side: love or hate 🙂 and I hate using the word hate but whatevs.

  4. I am a little obsessed with this title and cover, but it looks like I’ll have to avoid this one for now. I don’t like when books are simplified because teens are “too stupid” or any of that crap. Blah.

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