A Monster Calls


Published: September 27, 2011
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Author: Patrick Ness
Pages: 215
Genres: Contemporary, YA, Fantasy


*wipes tears away so to better see the screen*

THIS BOOK. THE FEELS. *siiiiiigh* Patrick Ness, author of the Chaos Walking Trilogy and More Than This, is outstanding. This book is no exception to his ability to captivate and move. A simple story about a boy who is losing his mother to cancer, A Monster Calls pulls you into this world of a monster with a lesson plan and a child who just can’t let go. It’s sad, it’s poignant, and you cannot help but weep for him. You also can’t help but want to thrash him for being so selfish…but what good would that do?

They say this is a middle grade read. I say, “no freaking way.” I mean, yes, children must understand death and loss and such… but no. Just no. I thought about giving this book to my friend to give to her son to read… he’s 9… but I can’t do that to him… not yet. This may be a small book but it’s heavy. And beautiful. And leaves you with an urge to call your mom and tell her you love her.

Anyway, this book. Holy crap. Okay, yeah, amazing. Read it. Also, it must be mentioned that the illustrations are AWESOME. They’re crude but they’re perfect. Kudos, Jim Kay!

Happy Reading! Happy Friday! Happy Long Weekend for you who are off for MLK Day!


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