A Game of Thrones {A Song of Ice and Fire #1}


Published: August 6, 1996
Author: George R.R. Martin
Pages: 835
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy

I realize I am probably the last person on Earth to read this book. I also realize that I am the last person left on Earth who hasn’t watched th show. And guess what? I’m okay with that. I have been hearing reviews like, “The show is nothing but sex and death.”, “The book is so bloody and everyone just dies.” and “You are going to be so confused because there’s a lot going on.” I was so terrified to start this novel based on what everyone else had to say. Wouldn’t you? However, I should have thrown caution to the wind and read this book years ago.

George R.R. Martin is a wordsmith. He’s waxes poetic about death and dismay and sorrow and honor in a way that I’ve never experienced. I forgot that I was supposed to be sad or feeling heartbreak as I was too caught up in the way the story ebbed and flowed. The events wove together like ribbons around a Maypole. There was so much going on and yet not one time did I feel as though I couldn’t keep up.

Yes the book is daunting, and the size of a small child, but it’s worth it. For those of you who are apprehensive due to the size, don’t be! I finished this one in 4 days* and it wasn’t that hard. Read it. Trust me.

*So Cory and I can start binge watching the first season!!

Happy Reading y’all!


11 thoughts on “A Game of Thrones {A Song of Ice and Fire #1}

  1. Feeling small because now I AM the last person who has not read the book. LOL! It has been on my list for a while.

  2. Yesssssss, join the cult!! It’s amazing, right?!? I did find all the characters a little confusing, but I agree, his writing makes it worth it! I just finished the TV series and the second book (to help with the withdrawal) 🙂

    • Thanks!!! I have definitely become a member of the ASoIAF cult. So amazing. So intricate and beautiful. I watched part of the first episode last night and I’m pleasantly suprised at how much the show follows the book! Cannot wait to watch more.

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