Throne of Glass {Throne of Glass, #1}


Published Date: May 7, 2013
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Pages: 404
Genres: Young Adult, High Fantasy, Romance

You can read the summary for Throne of Glass here.

Sooooo, I’ve had Throne of Glass on my TBR shelf for about seven months now and I finally decided it was time to give it a shot. Per usual, I was kicking myself for having not started this sooner. I flew through this book!! Here’s the gist: Celaena is a famous assassin plucked from her prison sentence to compete against other assassins and jerkfaces for a chance to become the King’s Assassin. But for Celaena it’s a bit more… it’s a chance to be free, if she wins. Sounds pretty good right? BECAUSE IT IS.

What’s good? The writing, for starters; it’s intricate without being flowery. The story is familiar without feeling stagnant. The world is one you want to explore on a week-long holiday. And the characters are splendid… most you want to kill, some you want to befriend and one you just want to kick in the junk. I will warn you all now {because I don’t want to hear any scoffing} there is a love triangley thing that happens BUT it is NOT what you think. It’s actually tolerable. Our MC is 18 and you know how giddy those 18-year-old girls can get around cute boys. I know you’re allergic to love triangles but ,for once, just let it go and enjoy the show {I did that on purpose, by the way}. It’s more of a love interest and then there’s “that guy” in the background. The situation isn’t jerky and no one is wronged {intentionally} but it does evoke frustrated emotions. I personally loved the way it was handled and how it was set up for the rest of the books.

If you’ve been skating around this one, go ahead and give it a shot. If you’ve seen this on the shelves and have wondered if it’s worth reading, I say yes. It’s got magic, fun stuff, a little bit of court drama {not like Judge Judy court but old timey court in which noblemen harass girls in pretty dresses} and a good story. Oh and it’s a series so that’s always fun. I like when there are s’more of things. I bought the second in the series on Friday, so be on the lookout for the review of #2 soon.

Happy reading homies!


5 thoughts on “Throne of Glass {Throne of Glass, #1}

    • Thank you SO much Ashley ☺️ it was a fun read. I can’t tell you how many times I picked this up and then put it back. I am so glad I finally got to it. I hope you love it 😁

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