Orange Is the New Black {Book Review}


Published Date: June 11, 2012 {Originally published in 2010}
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Author: Piper Kerman
Narrator: Cassandra Campbell
Genre: Memoir, Non-fiction

You can view the summary for Orange Is the New Black here.

This will be an extremely short review.

I’m certain that most, if not all, of you have heard of the Netflix series by the same name. I’m also certain that the show is exponentially more entertaining than the book. While I enjoyed the character names {they’re hilarious} and the conversations had whilst in Danbury {also hilarious}, I was pretty bored. I understand the purpose of the memoir, Piper Kerman went to jail and found herself. Great! But it overall this book was relatively uneventful. I expected fights with razor blades or scandals involving soap on a rope or food fights at the very least…but nope. None of the above. It was just day in and day out jail stuff like makin’ friends, makin’ crappy food taste not so crappy, exercising, work…the yooshj {that’s short for usual, in case you were wondering what language I’m speaking}. I was surprised by how normal-ihs her experience was, it seemed like a really craptastic summer camp except you can’t leave and you’re in prison.

Anyway, that pretty much concludes my audio experience with Piper Kerman. I was underwhelmed. The end.

I’m not sure I’ll recommend this book but I may watch the show one day. Maybe.


5 thoughts on “Orange Is the New Black {Book Review}

  1. I liked the book all right, but you are correct in that it definitely wasn’t as exciting as the show. Especially after Piper left Danbury… meh. Things got pretty boring. I highly recommend the show, though. 🙂

  2. Even though I have been forewarned that the book is underwhelming, I’m reading it anyway because I’m OCD and must read a book before I watch a show. Hence the reason I am the only person on the planet who has yet to watch a single episode of Game of Thrones *hangs head in shame*

    • No head hanging in shame, know why?? Because I haven’t watched a single episode. I have the first book but haven’t read it yet. I heard Orange (the show) is hella better than Orange (the book). Ill have to find out.

      • I actually tried reading the Game of Thrones books but George R.R. Martin’s writing style kept distracting me. All I can do while reading was picture this creepy old guy at a typewriter living out his sexual/food fantasies through prose. I really want to read them though so I will have to ignore the uncomfortable parts I guess.

      • Hahaha!! Oh goodness, I’m glad I know this going into it. It helps me to know people’s peeves about certain books so I’m prepared. It’s like knowing all the “Boo! AHHH!” moments in a scary movie so you’re prepared. Or at least that’s how I feel because I hate to be scared 🙂

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