Voyager {Mini Book Review}


Published Date: 1993
Publisher: Delta
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Pages: 870
Genres: Romance, Fantasy , Science Fiction

You can view the summary for Voyager here.

This Audible book took me forever to listen to… or at least it felt that way. Maybe that’s because the middle chunk of this book was kinda…boring. HOWEVER, Gabaldon has this way of almost knowing that she’s boring you to tears and says, “Oh hey! Wake up…here *throws something interesting in to the mix* Does this help?” Why yes, Diana, it does help! Thank you. She knows how to reign you back in and get your attention. The ending of this was great! It doesn’t matter how shite the boring parts are, I’m a fan…I’m not going anywhere. Plus, the narrator of this series is amazing! I love her.

My next credit on Audible is available tomorrow so I’ll be starting the fourth book of the series then. Wish me luck 🙂


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