In The Woods {Book Review}


Published Date: May 17, 2007
Publisher: Viking Adult
Author: Tana French
Pages: 429
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Thriller

You can find the summary for In The Woods here.

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I liked this book at first. It took me a zillion years {about 100 pages in real life} to get into it. I realize now that it wasn’t the book’s fault. I was caught up in a show called Bomb Girls. I blame the show, for as soon as it was over I was engrossed in this book.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet….well, maybe not sweet but short. I liked this book a lot. I liked it for the writing {which was beautiful}, the characters {who were funny, genuine, foul-mouthed, Irish, smoked too much, sad and clever}, the landscape {it’s Ireland, enough said} and the suspense {holy sheet balls}.

This book isn’t one that’s wrapped in a pretty bow. It’s jagged and soggy and weird and makes your stomach hurt. It drives you mad. It makes your foot go a mile a minute with anticipation. It sticks to you like that smell of cigarette smoke from a dingy pub. IT’S BLOODY BRILLIANT. Oh and it’s also the first of FIVE books. *does a happy Irish jig*

If you’re looking for a book that keeps you guessing, keeps your heart racing and keeps you turning the pages, then this is your book.

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17 thoughts on “In The Woods {Book Review}

      • Yes, it’s wonderful! I’m usually not a huge mystery fan, so I was surprised by how much I enjoyed her.

        And I love the Irishness of it. 🙂

      • I’m the same way, not a big mystery/crime novel reader. This was a buddy read on Goodreads so it was picked by my friend. I wouldn’t have done so on my own. I’m real glad I read it though.

        I loved the Irishness of it as well:) Although, in my head, they all sounded like they were from the movie Trainspotting. *shakes head*

  1. Hm. Consider my interest piqued. I’m gonna go check out a little more about it now, but I suspect this’ll be my newest TBR addition soon.

    • Right?! *sigh* Just proves how good a writer French is when we are feeling the way we do long after reading her words!! Great story. I’m excited to read the next one

    • This one was way outta my wheelhouse but I was so glad that I read it. I’m ordering the second now:) hahaha thank you! I love doing happy dances and feel free to use holy sheet balls!! It keeps me from cussing but still effectively getting my point across 😉

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