When books miss the mark

As a voracious reader, I find it highly annoying when I pick up a book and want to throw it at something within the first few chapters. This happened to me twice this past weekend. TWICE! In a row!! *groans*

This past Saturday I was coming recovering from my Mara Dyer hangover and had a buddy read scheduled with some friends on Goodreads. We chose Stone Guardians by Danielle Monsch. I made it 170 pages in and seriously had to question the publisher of this novel. I mean…what?? Smh. I DNF’d that one with no questions. I thought maybe it was time for something non-YA/fantasy/paranormal, so I picked up The Interestings by Meg Wolzter. I put that down after only three chapters. It was too…uninteresting. {I know that’s not original but I don’t be carin’}

You guys can imagine my chagrin. I assumed it was the books being terrible. But then I wondered … What if it was just me? Both books got rave reviews (though the Guardian are questionable) so clearly it had to be me, right? *shrugs*

At a friends suggestion, I put Interestings down to be visited later and picked another book to read. I picked Divergent which I proceeded to read in one sitting. {I’m finding YA more intriguing these days}

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post is but I feel better having gotten that off of my chest. Sometimes a book misses the mark. Shiz happens. Keep reading.


3 thoughts on “When books miss the mark

  1. Ha! Same here. I think Stone Guardian is not convincing enough, that’s the problem! I’m still going to finish it…I need to think of a witty review to write. When are we starting The Dream Thieves…I miss my Raven boys!

    • It wasn’t convincing…and I’m afraid she had so many ideas that she felt the need to cram them into one book. Had she made it first person, a trilogy and spaces out the crazy, then maybe it would’ve played out differently. But you win some and lose some. I cannot wait to start it. Just tell me when!! I miss them too 🙂

      • I agree. I think she threw in all of those elements and character for shock value, and it doesn’t work…but I am a masochist…so I will finish…or try…lol. Not sure. Let’s start that one Friday.

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