Code Name Verity Book review


Published Date: February 2, 2012
Publisher: Egmont Press
Pages: 447
Genres: WWII, Historical Fiction

Code Name Verity gets a solid 5 stars. I’m finding it hard to write this and not cry *blinks away tears*. This is a story about two girls, best friends, who are playing two very different roles for the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during WWII. One is a pilot while the other is a Special Ops Exec. On a mission, something goes wrong and one of them gets captured. It’s 1943, Nazi has occupied France and the Gestapo {who are evil bastards but I don’t need to tell you that} is torturing one of them.

This novel has touched something inside of me. I’ve been a WWII history buff from the moment I read my Grandpa’s account of his time in a German War Camp, Stalag 7a. I took college courses on the Holocaust and a WWII history class. I’d like to think I know a little about the war but this book… *shakes head*… it reminded me of just how little I actually do know.

Written in a journal style, Elizabeth Wein takes us into the world of the Special Ops during WWII, shows us how women played their role in the British war effort and reminds us of the sacrifice that soldiers – and civilians alike – make during war. The only gripe I have {and it’s a lame gripe as journals rarely have it} is the lack of dialogue. It made getting through some parts a bore…don’t get me wrong though – this book was not boring my any means. I mean, any book that allows me to read in my best accent francais can’t be boring, amirite?

If you’re into WWII history, aviation, kick ass females, and a bag full of feels, then this books is for you!

Ps. Don’t forget to thank a soldier, young and old.

aaaaand now I’m cyring….great. *sniffles*


9 thoughts on “Code Name Verity Book review

  1. Fuck this book! I haven’t cried so hard. Great review. I agree that the journal writing style was hard to follow at times or dragging in places but it still had impact. Ugh..this book is amazing.

  2. Awh your grandad was in a POW camp? My grandad’s…one served in India and my other was an engineer in the RAF (he used to fix the planes, like maddie *sobs*

    I loved this book and it made me sob. “Fly the Plane, Maddie”.
    All I can say is that it’s put me on a women-in-the-war kick and I’m really in the mood for reading books about Women during that time. Have you seen the show Bomb Girls? my grandma worked in a munitions factory like they do haha.

    • He was! He landed with his infantry at the Anzio beachhead in Italy and was captured not long after. He spent the rest of the war in a German camp. Frigid weather, one coat, lice, hardly any food. He said it was indescribably miserable. He’s the reason I delved do deeply into learning about the war. He didn’t talk to me about it (I learned from a transcript my great aunt typed) so I needed to learn elsewhere. Very cool about your grandads! I bet they have(had) some stories!
      Fly the plane, Maddie! *stiffles tears* seriously, I loved this book so much. Made me want to be a riveter. I have heard of Bomb Girls. In fact, my aunt Frances insists that I look like one of the girls on the show haha!! I have yet to watch though. So cool about your grandma!! She was a Rosie!! I love it!!

      • Hahaha ironically that Grandma of mine is a force of nature and quite scary when she wants to be. Holy moly, major respect to your grandad just for surviving through that ordeal @.@ it is unnerving when you can actually place someone you care about enduring that situation

      • Hahaha! She sounds…awesome{ly frightening}. He was a trooper for sure. I wish I had gotten to know him better before he passed away. Maybe one day I’ll type out that transcript on here as it’s a good story and one that I would love for others to read. You’re right, it’s strange to be able to make such a horrendous event personal. Sheds a new light. I’m sure you can relate with your grandparents having served.

  3. *mistake- one grandad was in the RAF in india. The other was in the Army with the cheshire regiment as a soldier. My mother confuses me haha.

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